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Thomas Engineering provides various robot cable productions and harnesses.

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Industry and applications
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Solar light panel
  • Testing equipment
  • Medical appliance and equipment
  • Optical testing equipment
  • Laser cutting equipment
  • Display equipment
  • Selection of customized specification
  • Professional engineering team
  • Independent patented production technology
  • Strict quality inspectionity inspection
  • Continuous test and development
  • Great quality maintenance
  • IPA Class 1 (particle-free)

ThomPod is a cable moving system optimized for cleanroom environment and is a combination of Thomas’ automated cable production technology and German company Murrplastik’s chain. ThomPod helps numerous customers improve particle issues.

1. Cable production technology
  • Automated cable production technology over 20 years
  • IPA and CE certifications
  • Customer-tailored production
2. Special production method for Pod connection
  • ePTFE (Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene) fabric material special connection
  • Various Pod width (20.5mm, 15.0mm, 11.8mm and etc)
3. Self-supporting
  • Mini chains are joint developed with Murrplastik which is a German company which is specialized in chains
  • Superb interchain coupling and pulling strength
  • 5 different types including support distance and bending radius
4. Chain Durability
  • Minimized bending of chains when connecting
  • Long-life cycle even in extreme conditions
5. Engineering Flexibility
  • Our own developed technologies support various applications
  • Various Pod widths
  • Cables and ThomPod system consulting
6. Cables and ThomPod system Consulting
  • ThomPod system consulting based on 20-year know-hows of cables

Features Descriptions
Life Above 10 million cycles
Speed Travel 2 m/s
Acceleration 3G~4G
Bending radius 40mm, 70mm, 100mm
Standard components 1Pod, 2Pod, 3 Pod, 4 Pod, 5 Pod, 6 Pod
Inner width 20.5mm
Cable specification Ultra-fine wire, FEP insulation,
Jacket for Spiral Shield Cleanroom
Temperture range -10 ~ +80℃
Certification CE, IPA
Cleanroom qualification IPA Class 1
Self-supporting 3m