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Long-life Process Connector Harness

Thomas Engineering provides various robot cable productions and harnesses.

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Industry and applications
  • Automobile industry
  • Steel industry
  • Engine/transmission tester
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Motor process connector
  • Electronic devices
  • ECU/EPB/ECOS/chassis
  • Stable connector prolongs product life
  • Less cost and time
  • Our own3 different patents
  • Various connector problems can be solved
  • Cable production and harness at the same time
  • Prevents abnormal removal or breakaway
Long-life Process Connector Harness

Thomas Engineering has been gaining professionalism and trust in Harness industry and it includes a field of business in long-life connector design, cable production and harness services. We provide harnesses for engines and transmissions in Korean and Chinese automobile industries and our motto is “Quickly solve the client’s problem”. If problems occur in a complicated manufacturing environment such as automobile production, it will cost more as the time passes so we consider client’s time as ours and respond immediately with design and production.

1. Verified Reliability
  • Verified by The Director of Korea Automotive Technology Institute, Dr. Wi, Shin-Han’s thesis
  • “Reproducing connection error due to fretting abrasion” 2008
2. Most suitable for repetitive attach/detach testing production
  • Suitable for connectors with high durability and stability
  • Reinforced connector, connector design technology and harness technology which prevents breakaway
  • Improved durability due to spring pin application
3. Simple Procedure

1. Car seat tester
2. Car engine tester
  • Gamma, Lambda, Kappa
  • Nu, Theta A engines and etc.
3. Car parts tester
  • EPB
  • ECOS
  • Chassis
4. Transmission tester
  • 6, 8 speeds
5. Car press line tester
  • Carriage Robot Cable