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Thomas Engineering provides various robot cable productions and harnesses.

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Industry and applications
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Test equipment
  • Camera inspection equipment
  • Display equipment
  • Solar panels
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Laser cutters
  • 3D printers
  • Fully customized design
  • Easy installation inside a limited space
  • Allowing pneumatic hoses or supportive chains to be ed
  • Internal particle-minimizing system

ThomPodFlat is a combination of the cable flexibility offered by ThomPod and space integrating property offered by ThomFlat. Adding Pod to ThomFlat allows you to add cables, air tubes, and chains. This also allows a large number of cables to be accommodated inside a narrow space and can operate a long distance.

1. Compact & Hybrid
  • Minimum space and self-support
  • 3,000mm long-stroke system
  • Compact size secures space
2. Cost reduction effect
  • Less usage of pods which results cost reduction
3. Most suitable solution for cleanrooms
  • Almost similar floor area form of regular cable
  • Minimum dust generated by ePTFE fabric material