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Regular Harness

Thomas Engineering provides various robot cable productions and harnesses.

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Industry and applications
  • Automobile industry
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Industrial robots
  • Machine tools
  • LCD / OLED devices
  • Factory automation
  • Custom cable harness production
  • Able to manufacture a small quantity of Multi-variety products
  • Simplifies cables
  • Cable/connector development
  • Domestic development of imports
Regular Harness

Assembling connectors on both ends of a cable is very simple but also needs knowledge gained through time. Thomas Engineering has been loved for over 20 year because of its cable technology. We provide from economic connectors to high-end imported connectors which are most suitable for each conditions and specifications. It is our mission to provide harnesses that suit clients’ needs.

1. Circle connector harness
  • Usually used in power and signal cables
  • Cables up to IP67
  • Domestic/economic cables
  • Superfine purposes
  • Medical, audio-visual equipment connectors
2. Square connector harness
  • Classic T, W types
  • High durability (mechanical/chemical)
3. D-SUB Type harness
  • Variety of types including Screw/spring types
  • Hybrid type
  • Connectors used in control systems
4. Special harness
  • Welding robot – high voltage/high power
  • MAC medical device connector – low resistance/high power
5. Other types
  • I/O connector kit
  • High density nylon type connector
  • Trim Trio series square type connector – robot internal wiring

1. Testing equipment harness
  • Docking type connectors in testing lines
  • Applications in automobile factory or product testing jigs
2. Motor Harness
  • Applications in motors of industrial robots
3. Cables in Semiconductor line robots
  • Applied on ThomPod