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Thomas Engineering provides various robot cable productions and harnesses.

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Industry and applications
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Test equipment
  • Camera inspection equipment
  • Display equipment
  • Solar panels
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Laser cutters
  • 3D printers
  • Cleanroom connection cable
  • Able to solve internal dust problems
  • Maximizes space efficiency
  • Both Pods can be used as wing-type
  • Pneumatic thermal tube technology

ThomFlat is optimized for utilizing as many cables as possible in the minimal installation space. Use ThomFlat with ThomPod in a limited installation space to maximize its synergies

1. Cable Manufacturing Technology
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • IPA and CE certified cleanroom cable Podflex production
  • Custom made cable components including shields, insulation and etc.
2. Special production method for Pod connection
  • Cables and pneumatic tubes connection technology
  • Slimmer cables and upgraded floor area ratio
  • Greater stability than regular bonding cables connection
3. Self-supporting
  • Various applications can be realized through our own developed technology
  • Various Pod widths
  • Cables and ThomPod system consulting
4. Chain Durability
  • Maximizes efficiency in semiconductor production/transport inspection equipment and medical equipment
  • Bending Radius

Rating voltage 0.14mm²~0.34mm² : Max.250V
0.5mm² ~1.5mm² : 300/500 V (Uo/U)
2.5mm²~ : 450/750V(Uo/U)
Temperature -20℃ to+80℃
Test Voltage 0.14mm²~0.34mm² : 1500V (Core/Core)
0.5mm² ~1.5mm² : 2000V (Core/Core)
2.5mm²~ : 2500V
Bending Radius 1500V/1200V (C/C, C/S 0.14mm²)
7.5 x D