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Robot Cable

Thomas Engineering provides various robot cable productions and harnesses.

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Industry and applications
  • Automobile industries
  • Carriage cables
  • Desktop robot
  • Linear robots
  • Wtr robot
  • Articulated robots with more than 6 axis
  • Rectangular coordinate robots
  • Scara robot
  • LTR robot
  • Cables for Turn, Body, dresspack, motors
  • Can provide German cables such as SAB and SAVAX
  • Lay out suggestions and customizations for Power, Signal, I/O, Torsion and Carriage Cables
  • One-stop solution for Robot Harness
  • Murrplastik cable accessories
Robot Cable

Thomas Engineering has been manufacturing cables through 20 years of experiences and researches in order to satisfy ever-changing environment and the needs of clients. Most cables used on cleanroom multi-joint robots are expensive imports. Domestic clients constantly need cables for new line supplies and maintenance, however, there are limited costs and delivery periods. Thomas Engineering provides cable designing & production for relevant environment and also provides harnesses for non-stop services.

1. Class 6 conductor
  • Uses a high-quality conductor which minimizes errors and disconnection
2. Torsion/Linear cable design
  • Designed for Twist/Pair of the cable
  • Torsion/turn/rotary motion cable design and production
  • Fabric materials which prevent stiffening due to lubricant
  • System suggestion which prevents twists or disconnections
3. German Cables
  • Exclusive import from SAB and SAVAX
4. Dresspack cables
  • Calculates angles through motion and teaching data analysis
  • Consults about cable accessories
  • Brackets design and position selection according to the axis movement
5. Consult about Robot cables
  • Cable maintenance guide
  • Cable chains and accessories suggestions

  • Power Cable
  • Signal Cable
  • I/O Cable
  • Main Power Cable
  • Moving Cable
  • Torsion Cable
  • Carriage Cable